"My daughter had a great time and will definitely return!"


Our residential courses focus on developing creativity and self-confidence within and through art, dance and music. All the children take part in creative dance, music making and art activities throughout the duration of the course and the work they produce very much comes from their ideas and responses to whichever 'theme' or inspiration we take.


When older children attend the courses, we will offer them the opportunity to act as mentors to the younger ones. This means that, as well as taking part in the activities, they may, for example, be called upon to work with small groups of children and lead aspects of the creative process. This could include: developing art techniques, guiding musical improvisation and helping to generate ideas for motifs during dance.

Should any older children be interested in being an Arts Mentor, we would provide a report which they can use in their CV's and school achievement records. 


We are very flexible in our approach, and will tailor our courses to suit the needs and strengths of the children who attend. This could include a differentiated offer for older children. If you would like to know more about this, or any other aspect of the Creative Arts Weeks, please use the contact form.