Easter 2015

Our Easter 2015 course took place from 30th March to 2nd April 2015.

We took 15 children to Milden Hall in Suffolk and took the weather as our theme.



We studied cloud formations and colours recreating them using pencil and pastels. Ornamental 3D kites were made using canes and tissue.

Ink and wash images of each other in weather related poses were transferred to a backdrop for the dance and complimented with creative symbols and colours. 


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Using rain and wind, the children made two lists of action words.

They chose three words and, working in small groups, created phrases that could be repeated.

We went outside and explored ways of travelling as if being carried by the wind.

Their final piece was a combination of all of these and using chance choreography.

Dance Perfromance

Music: "Riders On A Storm" - The Doors / "Phat Planet" - Leftfield



The children took part in a variety of musical activities. They learned to sing "Here Comes The Sun" and took a motif from the song to weave into their own compositions. 

Their compositions took the form of soundscapes, using the words "wind" and "rain" as stimuli. Finally, a collective piece was composed using musical motifs from Here Comes The Sun and Riders On A Storm.

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